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Abouts us

Global Manufacturing Export – Import Company is established by engineers who are the same sense of purpose, mechanical and automatic technical indulgence. We are expert in providing, installing, maintaining and integrating that equipment system and spare parts are used in the field industry as: beverage – food, pharmaceutical chemistry, wastewater treatment…

Beside of providing good equipment with reasonable prices, Global also focus on sale service and technical consultancies enough to bring to effective solutions for customer. Since then, labor productivity, equipment lifespan will increase and saving is optimal spend for factory.

Our customer are breweries, beverage factory, milk factory, food factory, pharmaceutical factory which leading all the country. We became confident partner of inland and international businesses with expert team and high experience engineers. Global ensure that will support maximum customers in technological transmitting, catching and master.

Our objective should bring to customer:

– High quality goods

– Best competitive price in the market

– Thoughtful and considerative service