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Trying to return to the “German’s industrial monument” position, this is how Siemens is “taking a step back to take three steps”.

Kaeser’s strategy is best illustrated by two deals: the merger of wind energy with rival Gamesa from Spain in 2017 and the introduction of medical equipment on the floor in March this year with the name of the term. by Siemens Healthineers. This is the fifth largest IPO (public offering) in German history and it also helped Siemens Healthineers stock up 18% since it went to the floor.

With Gamesa, Siemens has combined a series of giant sea turbines with its Spanish onshore wind generators. With a 59% stake in Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, the deal gave Siemens control of a larger company without wasting capital.

Kaeser plans to present the next steps in August in a plan called Vision 2020+. There are many speculations around this plan, but one thing is certain that Siemens will become even smaller. Kaeser does not believe that large corporations in the old-fashioned “big and beautiful” ways are the future business structure models. The CEO believes that he is responsible for preparing Siemens for the next generation by “taking a step back to take three steps”.

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