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APV CU4 Direct Connect

The CU4 Direct Connect Control Unit is designed for the control of
process valves used in the food and related industries. The CU4 control unit operates as interface between process control
and process valve and controls the electric and pneumatic signals.

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  • COO : APV – Poland


  • Description
  • Part no: H320462
  • Material: PA6.6
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  • Air hose: 6 mm / ¼“ OD
  • Pressure range: 6–8 bar
  • Compressed air quality: Quality class acc. to DIN ISO 8573-1
  • Content of solid particles: Quality class 3, max. size of solid particles per m³
    10000 of 0,5 µm < d < 1,0 µm
    500 of 1,0 µm < d < 5,0 µm
  • Content of water: Quality class 3, max. dew point temperature -20°C. For installations at lower temperatures or at higher altitudes, consider additional measures to reduce the pressure dew point accordingly.


  • Advantages

    • Safety, efficiency, clarity, and reliability at a competitive price
    • Ultra bright LEDs for clear indication of valve position, power, and solenoid activation
    • High precision position sensors with easy adjustment
    • Manual override solenoids and adjustment screw to throttle actuator air flow
    • Ability to retrofit and upgrade on existing valves